World first OTG card reader
for all devices

Blade Is Not Only A Slim 4000mAh Charger,
But A OTG MicroSD Card Reader (8-256GB) for All Devices.

About Esorun and Forcharge

Shenzhen Esorun Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 and focus on smart phone accessories like portable charger, battery case, data cable and other chargers.

Forcharge is one of the on-line brands which belong to Esorun Tech.


Why Blade4000

There are some awkward situations:

Your phone just power off again?

Your smartphone is full of storage again?

Want to share a file with different system?

Want to check the videos or photos from your camera on your smart phone?

Blade4000 is a must for daily life

Check what the journalist say

With many iPhones limited to 16GB of memory, Blade4000 offers a solution, allowing users to breakthrough the limitations of onboard storage and cloud services, and seamlessly stream media files including music, videos, and photos straight from the power bank’s card reader. The card reader supports anywhere from 8BG all the way to 256GB to maximize storage space. That's what we are always missing.

Smith Haselton


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